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Humane Technology


Technology should serve humans
(not the other way around)

Humane Technology Australia supports the Center for Humane Technology's mission to realign technology with humanity’s best interests. We bring the ongoing global discussion on how technology is impacting society into an Australian context.

What we're about

With technology, we are often persuaded to keep clicking, scrolling, and sharing, whether we realise it or not.

But the posts and articles that keep us most engaged are affecting our perspective on the world, and how we all get along.

We need to fix that.

Join our monthly discussions

We host discussion groups to explore how technology is impacting society and personal well-being, through guest speakers and open conversation.

Meetings are held on the 2nd or 3rd Wednesday of each month.

What we do

To solve any problem, we must first start with discussion to understand different perspectives and offer fresh ideas. HTA is dedicated to creating constructive conversations, not adversarial debates. We understand the value of listening to different perspectives, and not talking to 'be right' or impress others.

We have three streams of activity:

1. Educating the public

The more people who understand the nature and severity of the attention economy, the better we will be able to manage our relationship with technology.

The issues are complex and at times can be technical, which is why it's vital there are straight-forward resources and open discussion opportunities available to help make better sense of things.

2. Empowering technologists

Technology companies are made up of employees, each of whom live in the world that is being reshaped by technology. By educating those who are building technology in the outcomes of ethical design research, we can start an informed conversation.

When technologists are empowered to voice their values and concerns not only as an employee but as a member of the community, the company's products, strategy and internal culture can be guided more holistically.

3. Cultivating conversation

Technology and policy have traditionally been developed at arm's length. HTA believes a better reciprocal understanding between legislators, technology leaders, sociologists and psychologists will help work towards a shared bigger picture.

We do this by bringing together the best minds from a variety of fields to share insights and foster discussion through roundtables and think tank events.

Who we are

We’re just a handful of people who believe that in order to live in a thriving, cooperative society, we need to re-examine our relationship with technology.

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If you’d like to get involved, contact us to see how you can help.